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The AP Tour at Revolution!

Posted: November 14, 2010 in Concert Review

Rah! Rah! Rah! Finally two bands I’ve wanted to see share the stage, did. The AP Music Tour put together a roster of bands that had Revolution packed on November 10th, with well-known bands such as; This Is Hell, Polar Bear Club, Emarosa, August Burns Red and Bring Me the Horizon—the last two being the ones I wanted to see and I’m pretty sure I said Polar Bear “Express” club multiple times without realizing that it was just Polar Bear Club—anyway.

The line to enter the venue was bigger than I’ve seen in quite some time, which was refreshing to see because for a while there, I thought Florida’s hardcore scene had flat lined but this proved  there is still a pulse left.

Fort Lauderdale grew electric on this calm Wednesday afternoon as tour buses parked along the streets teamed with eager fans hoping to get a peek at their favorite musicians, this, along with the clamoring of hundreds, possibly thousands of people audible from a distance made it safe to say that this show was going to be awesome. (more…)