Made in Miami, Worn in your City!

Posted: November 17, 2010 in Uncategorized


           Wondering what’s going to be the newest fashion trend to hit the streets? One name says it all and that is, SwagrApparel. Master-mind Matt Herget a nineteen year old, Palmetto Senior High graduate, is introducing a new trend that carries much more than just a bad attitude.

            Marketing a variety of shirts with guns embedded within sports team logos and an array of colors in which to choose from leaves any fan feeling extra-proud of their team, not to mention setting them apart from the rest of their city and friends. Even if you’re not a big sports fan, there is no denying a good t-shirt when you see one.

While this innovation is great, it’s not the only aspect to the SwagrApparel clothing line. Matt Herget also hand-draws flawless portraits of pop-icons mixed in with other pop-icons. It’s hard to put into words but if I had to describe it, it would be; pop-culture chopped and screwed. 

“I want my clothing line to make people do a double-take” said Matt, “so many clothing lines out there put out only one or two decent shirts a year and the rest are fillers. Swagr represents only the best shirts; its one big, bold statement and I want only the best designs on my clothing”.

Being involved in the designing scene for a mere five months now, a point where most companies might find themselves barely head above water, SwagrApparel seems to be steadily on the rise. The unique factor of the company is that everything is coordinated and produced by solely one person, Matt Herget. Adding a sense of personalization to his designs and logos, which a lot of puppy-mill clothing lines lack, putting Swagr ahead of the curve.

SwagrApparel has been rated a five-star company, trending upwards according to established Miami sneaker boutique SoleFly. He also has well-known rap artist, Chaos, of Grind Mode, in his corner helping get word out. The help of promoters as well as head-turning designs has facilitated his entrance in the clothing scene and promising much more to come.

“I want to incorporate everything” he continued, “I would never sell anything whack. I’m not a shirt salesmen, I’m building a brand name where everything has to be hot”. Adding, “Although I do sports-logos, that’s not all I want to be known for. I have a signature collection called the Mr. Herget Collection, which will be all hand drawn portraits and logos”.

If you’re interested in grabbing a few shirts and seeing what else SwagrApparel can offer you check out SwagrApparel’s online store and place an order now.


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