The Red Shore’s new Album…A Flop!

Posted: October 26, 2010 in Album Review
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               New album by The Red Shore; The Avarice of Man, is the iceberg that sinks Titanic’s, and not worth the mega-bytes of space on your computer. I’m going to keep this short and talk a bit about the bands past in order to create an atmosphere of sympathy.

                The Red Shore is a deathcore/death metal outfit from Greelong, Victoria, Australia which started off in 2004 obtaining their style from bands such as Hate Eternal, Devourment, Decapitated and hints of Behemoth—just to give a blueprint of their musical influences. They released their first EP, Salvaging What’s Left, in 2006—which was phenomenal—and gained recognition throughout Australia and other nations.  In late 2007 the band suffered a fatal accident when on tour and resulted in the loss of lead vocalist Damien Morris and roadie Andy Milner. Their bassist Jamie Hope stepped up and did vocals on their 2008 release of, Unconsecrated, and picked up Jon Green formerly of, Picture the End. Around 2009 Jamie Hope left the band leaving Jason Leombruni to be the last founding member. Now the get-up consists of, vocalist Chase Butler, guitarists; Jason Leobruni, Roman Koester, bassist Jon Green and Tim Shearman on the drums.

                That’s their history and The Red Shore used to be a band I frequented with often but Avarice of Man may have been the last nail in the coffin for these guys. Unconsecrated, released in 2008, was decent at best and had a few good tracks which kept them in the loop and with a label under their belt. They later released in 2009, Lost verses, which made them rebound a bit from their last album but still wasn’t anything impressive.

Avarice of Man is speckled with intricate guitar shredding, which I enjoyed, and added a new element to their style; technical death metal. Their drummer is a beast and does fills that I believe would require a third arm and the vocalist is on-point with barraging low growls that feel like a breath of fresh Hell.

Almost sounds like something worth checking out, right? Which is why I don’t get how they could have gone wrong, they reduced the amount of breakdowns, created more leads and bridges that made the songs more technical and less chugga-chugga, providing less redundancies to their style, but their over compensation of technical satire made their songs come up short during moments where a breakdown would have been appropriate, making it frustrating to sit and listen to an entire song, or the entire album for that matter. If you enjoyed their album, congratulations I wish I had your understanding because there is nothing like saying bye-bye to a band that was once kicking-ass.

I give Avarice of Man  6 out of 10

Check out their progression…

This was off their Salvaging What’s Left EP.

This is off their Consecration album

This is off their Lost Verses album

Now…THis is from Avarice of Man


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