Deaf Poets!

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Deaf Poets, Interviews, Local, Miami, music
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Toe tapping, hip swaying, head-shaking rock n’ roll is what seeps from Miami’s local duet, Deaf Poets. Mixing soulful blues and hook-filled rock that create a music style that keeps you pacing your feet—making it no wonder, why this duet is pumping their music through venues to wide audiences around Miami.

This duo is composed of drummer Nicolas Espinosa and guitarist/vocalist Sean Wouters. When these two play live they have the sound, and produce the energy of a ten-man-band, while maintaining the complexities found in a two. Their particular harmony and style set them apart from most musicians, and the reason why they’re gaining so-much popularity, so quickly. Their first release, “All your Lies”, got 1300 plays in just a 24 hour time span.

We had a chance to sit down and talk a bit about their music. When asked what music genre they consider themselves, they thought for a moment and Sean said, “We want to encompass many music genres and not put ourselves in a box”. Their musical repertoire endorses a mixture between The White Stripes and The Strokes with a dash of—the seemingly trendier—surfer rock, while resonating a simplicity that makes their style one with keen balance, “We’re entering an era where less is more” he went on in saying, “…and we have to play something we like and feel comfortable with or it just won’t sound right. We’re not trying to make ‘douche’ rock”.  

Also mentioned was their similarity with the White Stripes not only in sound but also the fact that they too are a two-piece. “We aren’t going to make a gimmick following the white stripes” said Nico, “our last album was just riffs and drums which had its similarities to the White Stripes, but we’ve added a lot more to that”.

After being together for a little over a year now, these two have created a variety of song styles ranging from heartfelt and bluesy to something you’d play if you were getting wasted with friends, to something you could play if you were in the mood to dance, to something you could play your girlfriend on a romantic evening, you get the point. There just isn’t a word to sum up all the elements that compose their music.

Anyway, when it comes to delivering good music in Miami these guys got the right idea. Give the Deaf Poets a listen on their facebook page and check them out this Halloween at the American Legion on 64th st. off of Biscayne


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