Motionless in White; Creatures Album Review

Posted: October 24, 2010 in Album Review
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I know what you’re thinking when you see six Marilyn Manson doppelgangers hanging out with eye-liner, slick black hair and skin-tight nylon clothing, but believe me when I say, the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” has never been so damn accurate.

This Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, sextet known as Motionless in White began making a name for themselves back in 2007 with their album titled Whorror—which wasn’t half badand went on to producing, When Love Met Destruction, in 2009 which immediately got my attention and gained popularity within the metalcore/hardcore scene. However, their recent album, Creatures, blows the other two out the water—as plain as that. The pile-ups of chanting, singing, and bellowing screams from vocalist Chris Cirulli layered with heavy, balls-deep, guitar chugging complimented with gothic style synth makes this album an iron cage of hardcore structure encompassing certain aesthetics found in gothic metal. I know the feeling many get when the word “goth-metal” is mentioned but these guys shine it in a completely new light.

Creatures is based on horror and gore—typical—and  their album cover designed by Solomon Amstutz, illustrates various decrepit hands fashioned with snakes and scattered ravens amidst a midnight moon making it completely suitable for Halloween, anyway., the opening track Immaculate Misconception blares out the new swag Motionless is rocking right from the get-go. The piano intro trailed by a bass-drop and heavy chugging grab your attention immediately. The transitions between soft and soothing choruses to getting low with hard-hitting breakdowns that make you bounce from side to side, really highlights the attitude set for much of the album.

                We Only Come out at Night starts off with an excerpt from Bela Lugosi’s; Children of the Night, by Dracula to instill the “horror movie” façade, to further suit their demeanor. The speed riffage accompanied by old school synth arpeggios dancing behind battering drums makes this song very broad in genre influences. You also can’t help but notice the Marilyn Manson Esq. eeriness found in some of the vocals, tying in the multi-faceted mix of genres Motionless is meddling with and creating their own unique blend. One of my favorite tracks off their new album ,Abigail, has a back and forth sway showcased in transitions from two-step drumming and poppy verses, to cutting the cute crap and putting the hammers to your ears with pummeling double bass and guttural lows. It’s hard to miss a beat with this song and the same can be said about EVERY other song on this album. Motionless in White has definitely established themselves as a warhorse in the army of hardcore/metalcore bands trying to make a name for themselves.

Six-stringers TJ and Ryan Sitkowski embed intricate melodies throughout verses hinting, a bit,  the style found in August Burns red, but without taking it over-board. Abigail, Undead Ahead, and Cobwebs highlight my point. All-in-all these guys are able to create an amiable balance between soaring choruses and heavy riffing. They keep your feet-stomping not through excessive use of breakdowns but with copious amounts of melody backed by hard-hitting drums.

This new album is definitely worth checking out, the way they are able to orchestrate the simplicity that is found in their music, they deserve a medal. Not saying what they play is simple, it has its complexities, however, they are able to use the chuga-chuga riffage and fill it with steroids. It’s a bit hard to alliterate the point I’m trying to make, unless you hear it for yourself. Check them out!

I GIVE THEM: 9/10 \m/

– Roberto Zerbino


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