Made in Miami, Worn in your City!

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           Wondering what’s going to be the newest fashion trend to hit the streets? One name says it all and that is, SwagrApparel. Master-mind Matt Herget a nineteen year old, Palmetto Senior High graduate, is introducing a new trend that carries much more than just a bad attitude.

            Marketing a variety of shirts with guns embedded within sports team logos and an array of colors in which to choose from leaves any fan feeling extra-proud of their team, not to mention setting them apart from the rest of their city and friends. Even if you’re not a big sports fan, there is no denying a good t-shirt when you see one.

While this innovation is great, it’s not the only aspect to the SwagrApparel clothing line. Matt Herget also hand-draws flawless portraits of pop-icons mixed in with other pop-icons. It’s hard to put into words but if I had to describe it, it would be; pop-culture chopped and screwed.  Read the rest of this entry »


The AP Tour at Revolution!

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Rah! Rah! Rah! Finally two bands I’ve wanted to see share the stage, did. The AP Music Tour put together a roster of bands that had Revolution packed on November 10th, with well-known bands such as; This Is Hell, Polar Bear Club, Emarosa, August Burns Red and Bring Me the Horizon—the last two being the ones I wanted to see and I’m pretty sure I said Polar Bear “Express” club multiple times without realizing that it was just Polar Bear Club—anyway.

The line to enter the venue was bigger than I’ve seen in quite some time, which was refreshing to see because for a while there, I thought Florida’s hardcore scene had flat lined but this proved  there is still a pulse left.

Fort Lauderdale grew electric on this calm Wednesday afternoon as tour buses parked along the streets teamed with eager fans hoping to get a peek at their favorite musicians, this, along with the clamoring of hundreds, possibly thousands of people audible from a distance made it safe to say that this show was going to be awesome. Read the rest of this entry »

    Grand Central on November 6th is offering a very unique blend of music brought to you by Jack Beats. Benni G, of Mixologist and Plus One of Scratch Perverts, are on the forefront of a new British House trend which uses wobbly bass lines cut-up accapella and edgy breakdowns. Getting influences from diverse genres such as Rage Against the Machine, and Timbaland morphed into a complete and unique package of house music. Jack Beats will bring a packed dance floor—without a doubt—which is why checking these guys out is a must. Read the rest of this entry »


               New album by The Red Shore; The Avarice of Man, is the iceberg that sinks Titanic’s, and not worth the mega-bytes of space on your computer. I’m going to keep this short and talk a bit about the bands past in order to create an atmosphere of sympathy.

                The Red Shore is a deathcore/death metal outfit from Greelong, Victoria, Australia which started off in 2004 obtaining their style from bands such as Hate Eternal, Devourment, Decapitated and hints of Behemoth—just to give a blueprint of their musical influences. They released their first EP, Salvaging What’s Left, in 2006—which was phenomenal—and gained recognition throughout Australia and other nations.  In late 2007 the band suffered a fatal accident when on tour and resulted in the loss of lead vocalist Damien Morris and roadie Andy Milner. Their bassist Jamie Hope stepped up and did vocals on their 2008 release of, Unconsecrated, and picked up Jon Green formerly of, Picture the End. Around 2009 Jamie Hope left the band leaving Jason Leombruni to be the last founding member. Now the get-up consists of, vocalist Chase Butler, guitarists; Jason Leobruni, Roman Koester, bassist Jon Green and Tim Shearman on the drums. Read the rest of this entry »

Deaf Poets!

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Toe tapping, hip swaying, head-shaking rock n’ roll is what seeps from Miami’s local duet, Deaf Poets. Mixing soulful blues and hook-filled rock that create a music style that keeps you pacing your feet—making it no wonder, why this duet is pumping their music through venues to wide audiences around Miami.

This duo is composed of drummer Nicolas Espinosa and guitarist/vocalist Sean Wouters. When these two play live they have the sound, and produce the energy of a ten-man-band, while maintaining the complexities found in a two. Their particular harmony and style set them apart from most musicians, and the reason why they’re gaining so-much popularity, so quickly. Their first release, “All your Lies”, got 1300 plays in just a 24 hour time span.

We had a chance to sit down and talk a bit Read the rest of this entry »


I know what you’re thinking when you see six Marilyn Manson doppelgangers hanging out with eye-liner, slick black hair and skin-tight nylon clothing, but believe me when I say, the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” has never been so damn accurate.

This Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, sextet known as Motionless in White began making a name for themselves back in 2007 with their album titled Whorror—which wasn’t half badand went on to producing, When Love Met Destruction, in 2009 which immediately got my attention and gained popularity within the metalcore/hardcore scene. However, their recent album, Creatures, blows the other two out the water—as plain as that. The pile-ups of chanting, singing, and bellowing screams from vocalist Chris Cirulli layered with heavy, balls-deep, guitar chugging complimented with gothic style synth makes this album an iron cage of hardcore structure encompassing certain aesthetics found in gothic metal. I know the feeling many get when the word “goth-metal” is mentioned but these guys shine it in a completely new light. Read the rest of this entry »


        More metal please? Or rather, “turn that noise down!”, Is what a many of you would say when listening to today’s metal music, but for those of you who bask in the chaos of screaming vocals, heavy riffing and machine-gunning drums, then you should be quaint with the name, Bring Me the Horizon. From their first album, This Is What the Edge of Your Seat Was Made For, released back in October of 2004, to their last album Suicide Season, October 2009, Bring Me the Horizon has offered a broad demonstration of heavy metal music and has been the trend-setter for many bands to follow.

                With the release of their latest album, There Is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It a Secret, prompts a different sound than their previous albums. After doing a line-up change and picking up new guitarist Jona Weinhofen, formerly of; I Killed the Prom Queen, BMTH has progressed their sound into something of their own. Vocalist Oli Sykes has created a very particular vocal style, along with the constant tempo changes going from high to slow throughout their songs; this band has created a signature sound that resonates. There are many segments with gang-vocals that you can’t help but shout along with, making a majority of their songs appeasing in a sing-along sense.  In addition to being catchy, the bands consistency in not overburdening their songs with breakdowns, making this style of music so-very bland at times, also adds a big plus to their sound and makes listening to their album more genial.

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